ホーム新着入荷アイテム(CD)JIMMY GIUFFRE〜 JIM HALL TRIO / Complete Studio Recordings [6LPin4CD] (PHONO)

★1956〜59年の間に録音されたジミー・ジェフリーとジム・ホールの共演トリオ作品(アルバム6枚分)を4CDボックスセットに完全収録![The Jimmy Giuffre 3 / Trav’lin’Light / The Four Brothers Sound / Western Suite / 7Pieces / The Easy Way]

Jimmy Giuffre (cl, ts, bs), Jim Hall (g) on all tracks, plus:
Ralph Pena, Jim Atlas, Red Mitchell, Ray Brown or Wilfred Middlebrooks (b) or Bob Brookmeyer (p, v-tb).

Recorded in Los Angeles, New York, Lenox and Chicago between 1956 and 1959.
*Bonus Tracks:
CD4/10,11: Jimmy Giuffre (four unaccompanied overdubbed tenor sax lines). New York, June 23, 1958.
CD3/10&CD4/12-17: Live trio recordings 1957-1959.


1. Gotta Dance
2. The Rain And The River
3. The Song Is You
4. That’s The Way It Is
5. Two Kinds Of Blues
6. Crazy She Calls Me
7. My All
8. Crawdad Suite
9. Voodoo
10. Trav’lin’ Light
11. The Lonely Time
12. Pickin’ Em Up And Layin’ ‘em Down
13. The Green Country
14. The Swamp People
15. Show Me The Way To Go Home
16. Forty-Second Street
17. California, Here I Come
18. The Train And The River

1. Pickin’ Em Up And Layin’ ‘em Down
2. The Green Country
3. The Lonely Time
4. Trav’lin’ Light
5. Forty-Second Street
6. Show Me The Way To Go Home
7. The Swamp People
8. California, Here I Come
9. I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues
10. Space
11. Cabin In The Sky
12. Memphis In June
13. Four Brothers
14. Old Folks
15. Blues In The Barn
16. Topsy

1. Blue Monk
2. Western Suite
3. Happy Man
4. Princess
5. Song Of The Wind
6. Lovely Willow
7. The Little Melody
8. The Story
9. Time Machine
10. Pony Express(live version)*

1. Ray’s Time
2. The Easy Way
3. Time Enough
4. Come Rain Or Come Shine
5. Montage
6. Mack The Knife
7. A Dream
8. Off Center
9. Careful
10. Come Rain Or Come Shine*
11. Ode To Switzerland*
12. The Rain And The River*
13. Gotta Dance*
14. Four Brothers*
15. Two Kinds Of Blues*
16. Song Of The Wind*
17. Down Home*
*Bonus Tracks


JIMMY GIUFFRE〜 JIM HALL TRIO / Complete Studio Recordings [6LPin4CD] (PHONO)

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