ホーム新着VOCAL作品(輸入中心)TAMUZ NISSIM(vo) / Echo of a Heartbeat [digipackCD] (STREETOFSTARS)
イスラエル出身NY 在住の美人女性ヴォーカリストによる最新サード・アルバム。

Tamuz Nissim - vocals
James Weidman - piano
Harvie S - bass
Tony Jefferson - drums
Special guest : George Nazos - guitar.

1. Time in a Bottle
2. Fried Bananas
3. My World
4. Just Squeeze Me
5. In the Melody's Shade
6. Groovin' High
7. Echo of a Heartbeat
8. What a Little Moonlight Can Do
9. Smile


TAMUZ NISSIM(vo) / Echo of a Heartbeat [digipackCD] (STREETOFSTARS)

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