ホーム新品アナログ入荷中アナログ RAMSEY LEWIS TRIO / Bossa Nova [180g重量盤LP] (VINYL PASSION)

ラムゼイ・ルイス(p), エルディー・ヤング(b), レッド・ホルト(ds), ジョセ
フ・パウロ(g, pandeiro, vo), カーメン・コスタ(cabaca, vo)


Side A:
1.Samba de orpheus
2.Manhc de carnaval (the morning of the carnaval)
3.A criancinhas (the children)
4.A noite do meu bem (the night of my love)
5.O pato (the duck)
6.Generique (happiness)
7.Roda moinho (whirlpool)

Side B:
1.Cara de palhaco (the face of the clown)
2.Canacao para geralda (a song for geraldine)

Bonus Tracks : 5 From Country Meets The Blues
3.Your Cheatin' Heart
4.Blueberry Hill
5.Country Meets The Blues
6.High Noon
7.I Just Want To Make Love To You


アナログ RAMSEY LEWIS TRIO / Bossa Nova [180g重量盤LP] (VINYL PASSION)

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