ホーム新着入荷アイテム(CD)ERIC ALEXANDER / Eric Alexander In Europe [CD] (CRISS CROSS)
Eric Alexander(ts)初期の名作再発!

Eric Alexander (Ts)
Bobby Broom (G)
Melvin Rhyne (Org)
Joe Farnsworth (D)

1.What A Difference A Day Made (M. Grever) 9:01
2.The Edge (Bobby Broom) 6:54
3.Stay On It (Eric Alexander) 6:09
4.To Be With You (Eric Alexander) 6:42
5.Trippin' (Eric Alexander) 10:08
6.Spank That Pig (Melvin Rhyne) 8:13
7.Good Morning Heartache (Irene Higginbotham / Ervin Drake / Dan Fisher) 8:12
8.That's All (Haymes / Brande) 7:52

Total Time: 63:15
Recorded April 10, 1995 in Monster, The Netherlands by Max Bolleman


ERIC ALEXANDER / Eric Alexander In Europe [CD] (CRISS CROSS)

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