ホーム中古アナログ・ちょっとRARE!☆ちょっとレアな中古アナログ ALBERT MANGELSDORFF(tb) / Solo Now [LP] (MPS)
ドイツMPS オリジナル・プレス

Pierre Favre(percussion) (tracks: B1, B2, B5,B6)
Joachim Kühn(piano) (tracks: A1, A3, B3, A6)
Albert Mangelsdorff(trombone) (tracks: A2, A3, B4, B6)
Gunter HampelVibes(flute, bass clarinet) – (tracks: A4, B2, B6)

Side One
A1.Rainbow Road [Solo Joachim] 4:08
A2.Ant Steps On An Elephant's Toe [Solo Albert] 6:08
A3.Take Your Hit Kit [Duo Albert + Joachim] 4:37
A4.SCHWWWEEET [Solo Gunter] 10:25
A4a.Flute: My New Friend (No. 294) 2:30
A4b.Vibes: Freedom Of The Universe (No. 284) 3:50
A4c.Flute Keys: Kisses (No. 291) 1:45
A4d.Bass Clarinet: Hot (No. 293) 2:16

Side Two
B1.Fuga Mit Orgelpunkt Von Schnee [Solo Pierre] 5:00
B2.The Barriers On The Way To You [Solo Pierre + Gunter]2:43
B3.In A Sentimental Mood [Solo Joachim] 4:55
B4.Supraconductivity [Solo Albert] 2:24
B5.Mediaval Perkussion Song [Solo Pierre] 4:02
B6.Ringelvier [Quartet] 3:55

(MPS/GERMANY) – 68.067 original

Condition 盤:NM ジャケット:EX-(大きなスレや曲がりもなく状態はかなり良いです)

☆ちょっとレアな中古アナログ ALBERT MANGELSDORFF(tb) / Solo Now [LP] (MPS)

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