ホーム新品アナログ入荷中アナログ BOBBY JASPER / Bobby Jasper [LP] (SAM RECORDS)
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• 1000枚完全限定プレス
• 180g 12インチアナログ盤
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Bobby Jaspat (Flute)
Michel Hausser (tracks 1 to 4, 6,8,9),
Sadi Lallemand (tracks 5,7,10) (Vibes)
Jymie Merritt (tracks 5,7,10),
Paul Rovère (tracks 1 to 4, 6,8,9) (Bass)
Humberto Canto (Percussion) Kenny Clarke (Drums)

Recorded December 19 & 20, 1958 at the Studio Hoche, Paris
Original LP issue: Barclay 84.063.

Side A:
1.Cliff Cliff (Jacques Hesse) 5’14
2.Phenil Isopropil Amine (Bobby Jaspar) 3’29
3.Mysterioso (Thelonious Monk) 3’27
4.Lullaby of the Leaves (Joe Young) 3’34
5.There Will Never Be Another You(Harry Warren - Mack Gordon) 3’20

Side B:
6.Waiting For Irene(Bobby Jaspar) 3’53
7.Le Jamf (Bobby Jaspar) 4’15
8.Chasing The Bird (Charlie Parker) 5’10
9.Speak Low (Kurt Weill) 4’27
10.Doxology (Memory of Dick (Bobby Jaspar) 2’31


アナログ BOBBY JASPER / Bobby Jasper [LP] (SAM RECORDS)

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