ホーム輸入CD&DVD入荷予定!GRANT STEWART(ts) / Downtown Sounds [CD]] (CELLAR LIVE)

Grant Stewart (tenor saxophone)
Bruce Harris (trumpet)
Tardo Hammer (piano)
David Wong (bass)
Phil Stewart (drums)

1. Little Spain
2. A Piece Of Art
3. Ghost Of A Chance
4. Out Of The Past
5. Little Spain
6. Mo Is On
7. I'm A Fool To Want You
8. Bearcat
9. Bitty Ditty

録音:Recorded at the renowned Van Gelder Studios
in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey all in the same room

(CELLAR LIVE) 2022/6月上旬発売予定

GRANT STEWART(ts) / Downtown Sounds [CD]] (CELLAR LIVE)[御予約商品 2022/6月上旬発売予定]

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