ホームアナログ発売予定(輸入&国内)アナログ WALT DICKERSON / To My Queen [180g重量盤LP]] (SOUNDS GOOD)
★コルトレーン・ジャズのスピリットを採り入れたヴィヴラフォン奏者ウォルト・ディッカーソンの名盤『To My Queen』を180g重量盤にて復刻。

Side A:
1. To My Queen 17:30
2. Bacon And Eggs 5:31*
Side B:
1. How Deep Is The Ocean? 11:01
2. God Bless The Child 3:54
3. Sense Of Direction 6:01*

Walt Dickerson(vibes), Andrew Hill(piano), George Tucker(bass), Andrew Cyrille(drums), Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, September 21, 1962.Original Session Recorded by Rudy Van Gelder and Produced by Esmond Edwards.
*Bonus Tracks:
A2: Walt Dickerson (vibes), Sun Ra (piano), Bob Cunningham (b), Roger Blank (d). New York, 1965.
B3: Walt Dickerson (vibes), Austin Crowe (piano), Eustis Guillemet, Jr. (bass), Edgar Bateman (drums). Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, May 5, 1961.

(SOUNDS GOOD) SG-66412 2023/ 6月下旬発売予定

アナログ WALT DICKERSON / To My Queen [180g重量盤LP]] (SOUNDS GOOD)[御予約商品 2023/ 6月下旬発売予定]

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