ホーム国内盤CDリコメンズ!日本初登場 JANE HARVEY/ Lush Life +8 (紙ジャケCD) (SSJ)

Jane Harvey (vo)

1 .'Tis Autumn
2. Bein' Green
3. Do Do Do
4. It Takes Too Long to Learn to Live Alone
5. Why Can't I?
6. When a Woman Loves a Man
7. Here's That Rainy Day
8. The Very Thought of You
9. Misty
10. Lush Life
11. I've Got the World on a Strin
12. It All Depends on You
13. A Hundred Dreams From Now
14. I Ain't Got Nothin' but the Blues
15. I'm Gonna Go Fishin'
16. Some Other Time 〜 This Time the Dream's on Me
17. He Loves His Wife (I Love My Wife)
18. Harold Arlen Medley
録音:1974年 1958/59/60/87年
(SSJ /原盤: LITTLE JAZZBIRD) (2012年8月15日発売) 日本初登場 DSD録音

日本初登場 JANE HARVEY/ Lush Life +8 (紙ジャケCD) (SSJ)

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