ホーム輸入CD&DVD入荷予定!NAAMA GHEBER(ナーマ・ゲーバー)(vo) / Where Flamingos Fly [CD]] (NAAMA GHEBER)
Naama Gheber (voice)
Steve Nelson (vibraphone)
Bruce Barth (piano)
Dave Baron (bass)
*Arrangements - Naama Gheber & Dave Baron

1. Loads Of Love
2. Where Flamingos Fly
3. Oh! You Crazy Moon
4. You Don't Know Me
5. By Myself
6. The Lamp Is Low
7. You Do Something To Me
8. May I Come In?
9. After You've Gone
10. I Could've Told You
11. Don't Be On The Outside
12. Waltz For Debby

録音:Recorded on July 11th at GB's Juke Box by Glen Forest and Colin Mohanacas

(NAAMA GHEBER) [NAAMA 2301] 2023/06/30発売

NAAMA GHEBER(ナーマ・ゲーバー)(vo) / Where Flamingos Fly [CD]] (NAAMA GHEBER)[御予約商品 2023/06/30]

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